Society Al Arabiya

Society for the Promotion of Arabic Language and Culture - AL ARABIYA was founded in Split in June 2018.

The Society was founded to promote Arabic language learning, culture, traditions, informal education of the Halal way of life and participation in educational trips for language learning in collaboration with faculties and universities in Arabic speaking countries.

The areas of activity

  • language
  • culture and art
  • traditions, science and cultural heritage
  • translation and education
  • tourism, history and archeology
  • gastronomy
  • sports and recreational encounters and meetings and trips at international level. The purpose is to exchange knowledge and experience at the national and international level and to associate it with the halal way of life.

Membership in the society

The Society has regular, halal, honorable and supportive members.

The members are accepted by the committee of directors with a majority vote on the received application form.

Memberships are paid for the calendar year.

To be part of the Society regular and halal members pay a one-time subscription. The annual Membership fee for Regular members is 250,00 kn.

The annual Membership fee for Halal members is 2500,00 kn.

Regular members participate actively in the work of the Society and promote the culture and languages of the Arab world. Halal members have the opportunity, besides education, to borrow all the necessary materials needed to promote halal culture (wallpaper, curtain, chain) during the membership year.

Honorable and supportive members do not pay dues and do not have the right to participate in the Society making decisions. Honorable members are appointed by the Society for Contributing to Work and the Promotion of the Society ’s Goals.

Supporting members support the work and the functioning of Society.


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